“Our lives begin

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
I have a friend every morning I get a text that says 2 words “morning sweetie” its funny because that’s what her notification also says its a sound bite from doctor who and its River Song saying just that….. I hate silence. In the Corp silence means problems. When your in the forest there are birds and things you listen for them when they are silent there are dangers around. . . When your in a relationship silence kills because the other person does not know what’s wrong.  We do it both ways. Sometimes we assume the silence is good because there is no issues. A calm see can hind a hungry shark, a rock just under the surface, or many other issues. . So talk a simple chat can uncover a vast wonder of bad issues or show you happy new ideas. Talking is ok. There are rules. 1) you cant use it against the person later ( I have a problem with this I’m learning ) 2) you let the other speak there thoughts with out you making it about you or adding your thoughts to theirs. and 3) DO IT OFTEN.  Dinner, ice cream, after sex, during a commercial there are places in your day to just talk. .  Being quiet is not silence, I have a friend if he says 20 words its has more meaning than the 300 you just read here.  We need to understand our partner. Try this “How was your day?……”


Dragon and Raina

I CALL BULLSHIT: This is what happens when you try to make a very thin excuse when you know you are doing something that annoys people.  Look own it.  You did it, very few things are apples to apples. and even fewer are a=b=c. So if you do something don’t say well I did not want to disturb you.  You did the same..  well I thought..

We all have issues the thing is if you have them fix them, we all need to work at becoming better people. No one is perfect… Perfection is only in one place, in the eyes of the beholder. In many ways the love of your life is perfect, this does not mean that they don’t have there own issues this means there issues are much smaller than the perfection you see.  When things change is when the issues become as big as the perfection you see. “There comes a time, ….., when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison,……” ( movie Conan) Own your issues ” sorry ” does very little the 17th time is used being selfish is unattractive and when you close your self off from others you die a little. At the end of all this you have a body count of bad relationships, ex’s that number more than one hand and the feeling that you will always be alone. . .  Your right, you will be because you may have thought differently but your action say things much differently.
I am a rude, sarcastic, harsh, and in many ways unpleasant person. I own it and when I see it I try to change it. The 6 inches in front of your face its called life it’s what is important not the gifts a kiss in the morning a god your beautiful/handsome will go further than the new gift.