Over draft protection

Day 27: Over draft protection: Ever known a person and think I just can deal with them to day. They over drawn on there friend ship account. We all have an emotional bank account. In a friendship, relationship or even the work place.  It works like this a smile 5 buck a hello how are things 20 bucks etc..  when you need it, its there and when your snarly this account pays out.  Well at some point the in and out need to match or you go in to the red… You cant constantly make withdrawals and not pay back. .   I have had my share on both sides of this.  My Best friend and I are so over drawn on each other that no mater what we do it just causes more over draft. . .  In the long run we hope,.. WELL I hope that the friend ship that is saved, one in which I hold more valuable than gold will prove worth the over draft and pain. In a relationship your are responsible for your actions and the wellbeing of you and your partner’s, this does not end.  If you and your Ex are better friends than lovers you are still responsible for your actions and in some ways them.. If they get sick or need a shoulder don’t be a Shit and say not my problem.  YOUR THERE FRIEND its your problem. If I end up a broken man in some cave some place I know there are 4 people that will look for me. In return there are 4 people I will do what ever it takes to help them. . I don’t date them or sleep with them. Its something deeper. There account is safe we have payments and withdrawals. .  how are your accounts looking with your friends?


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