And so it begins. . .

And so it begins. . .  That’s a great opening now what?  do we just sigh and let it hang like that what begins? and if it is beginning what’s ending so this can begin?!  If your reading this you know me I’m rude harsh and well not the most friendly.  Over the past 7 years I have kinda been walled up and not really ready to begin. .  I have lost 60 pounds (57) but wanted to see a round number there. .  Life has looked at me and said Ya complacency not a good look on you so Here you go more bull shit and when your done with that I have a cow barn in July that needs cleaning. . . I have great people around me that’s helping me these notes I leave are my thoughts and observations and a lot of them are personal to me but many see them selves in the words. .  A wonderful person is giving me my wings back and a friends is giving me a place to land. its time to Pull the pin and see what’s next. . There is no Eye opening revelation in this one, there is a sad broken man piecing his broken self back together. .  When its over (a relationship) or a life has ended there are ripples. Some bad, some good as humans we see the bad. . . But at some point you need to look at the good…. I’m close to that point.  I have never used a name of any one in this rant over the past 22 days and I never will because there not about one person there about looking at things and see where I can be better. I have been OD’ing on youtube videos to help inspire me in this change I use some of them in my rants. . The one that I think of the most is

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.”
Will Smith
So I hope this makes your life a little better Like all of you have to this broken man so (inhales) thank you all

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