7 lbs and I cant breath

Let me start today that i never thought lifting 7 lbs would make me out of breath. . . Now your all saying WTF 7 pounds well  let me break it down. . . I lost 57 lbs  I had on my shoulders a 40 lbs  dog food and a 25 lbs of birds seed. . 40 + 25= 65 – 57= 7.  When your Fluffy, big boned large FAT what ever you want to call it you never see the Weight. .  when you are in a relation ship you get complacent and let your self go. .  STOP that your partner wants to show you off and when you weight 340 pound you look like CRAP.  They want sexy not FFS really the Pillsbury dough boy. . . this is not the normal post that will I hope inspire a talk between you and your wife husband girl/boy friend its a chat you need to have with your self as Christopher Titus said IF YOUR NOT WITH IN 10% of your starting dating weight YOUR the issue not them. . . . So here is a recap talk to partner, talk to your self about your actions and your life style. . . and always tell them there sexy and hug them. .


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