If a man were to know the end of this day’s

“If a man were to know the end of this day’s business ‘ere it come. But it suffices that the day will end and then the end be known. And if we meet again, well then we’ll smile. And if not, then this parting was well made.” Uncommon Valor – Col. Cal Rhodes

We all have done it, we miss something. . . We cant get it back. . . 2 hugs later does not make up for the hug missed in the morning..  a kiss and I’m sorry does not make up for a missed “good morning”.  If you miss your date you cant make it up to the person you stood up. .  IM the KING of next time I will make it up.  I cant and as the past 29 days have showed me that.  When the Quote from the top comes to pass on August 29th I will have missed 10,000 chances to do it right when the time was there.  I have rediscovered the best friend I had forgotten.  We drifted and no one noticed the other one when they where sending up flairs and S.O.S.  I will miss the morning hugs I cant say the Morning kisses because well I did not kiss her good morning in 2 years.  I’m a heel, a rogue, a cad, no  I’m Dragon and I forgot that the most prized treasure needs to be admired and polished and show to the world. My hoard is lessened and made my shelf empty so when the world comes to the cave there is a empty spot where My treasure once was. Its life and no one gets out a live, When I go home I will see her face as I open my Eyes the sad part is on August 30th I will not.

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