The Man who says he can

“The Man who says he can, and the man who says he can not.. Are both correct”    ― Confucius .  People offer to help, let them but remember its help they cant make you do any thing. A partner can not make the other partner happy they can assist or help but its the parties of the First parts that needs to want to be happy. . . if you say you cant lose weight You right stay on the couch. . . I can walk 2 miles! where are your shoes? You have some distance to cover.  When you and some one break up there are good feelings and bad feelings, there are happy memories  and the WTF memories. We all have it in us to make changes.  They don’t have to be great changes but they do have to be changes.  A water to a homeless person will make there day 50 cents to a school donation bucket may help the child that cant go because his family would have to chose between Food and the child’s trip.  If you say you cant with out trying you cant. NO you cant lift 1 ton all at once, but 50 lbs 44 times ( 4 sets off 11) guess what you moved a ton.

I have friends that can become over whelmed with life and I tell them take small bites of life, you don’t eat a turkey in one bite don’t tackle the job all at once know the lay of the land. Attack it the best way FOR YOU.  You can lose weight with small changes 2 cokes not 4 a day less sugar more veggies.  I have lost 57 lbs and all I really did was cut out sugar and logged my food and saw I ate enough for 2 people and low and behold I WAS THE SIZE of 2 people.
I have a friend that I had not seen in years we meet up one day and he looked at me and said ” you need a life style change…” in my mind I said ya  but how I cant . . . . when you think your having a stroke and all it is was dehydration you find a way to make a change.  “The Man who says he can, and the man who says he can not.. Are both correct”
Confucius  this is a statement that should be remembered not read and forgotten.

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