“It does not matter who you are, your character will be defined by your actions. . . .”  – Speaker Unknown
Google says:
noun: character; plural noun: characters
the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
What does that all that mean.  Well it means crap if you have the backbone of a jellyfish.  You can’t say one thing then do whatever the hell you want.  Saying “don’t waste that” and then you throw a half eaten ice cream away … Guess what, your character just took a hit.  When you’re in a relationship it’s a give and take each have a say. No one has more power than the other.  The rub happens if  you think can do what you want because you’re you, “its ok for me but not you”.   We all have baggage, we all have issues. Your actions are your character so doing for yourself and not for the relationship is a character flaw.  You have one thing and only one thing for the world to decide how it views you. Its uses your character, what you stand for. whether you do what’s right for all or what’s best for you. You can say I really don’t care what the world thinks. It’s a nice thought but it’s not realistic. Are you leaving this world Or have you just been living in your own world for so long that you’re start to believe it’s really is all about you?  You can’t say pretty words and do ugly things.  You have one thing that even your deity can’t repair that’s your character.  If your ruin that you will ruin everything else you touch, because your actions define your character…….. Riddle me this when you are down and need a hand up. . .  who will help some one that thinks more of them selves then they do of anything or
anyone  else?????