Into each life some rain must fall

Dance night_001 “…..Into each life some rain must fall, Some days must be dark and dreary.” – HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW

I often re-said this and said Into my life Raina did fall.   We had a very intense relationship.  The only issue is that the love was intense so was the anger, mistrust and the baggage we both brought in to it.  We did not talk, we never had the harsh understanding that the other needed. We both did not think, we enjoyed the passion we never thought about the consequences of  complacency and forgetting the other person.  This is on both of us for that I’m sorry.
Sorry does not fix every thing but its all I have at this point.  This will be my only post with a name in it. For the is my declaration of friendship to my Best Friend. I Dragon do here by swear to Thor/ Diana / Selena that I will be a better Friend to Raina my Ice Queen. I will think not react. I will not see her as any one other than her. I will not live in the past hurt. I will try every day to be the best friend that I can be. I will hold what she says in the vault of my cave. I will take any pain I caused as a personal failure.  My best friend deserves the Dragon she met and loved not the anger filled complacent hurtful Dragon I have become.  This I swear and will try every day to be better. I may slip, I know I will fail from time to time but its good to fail. Every one should fail from time to time to remember the feeling, to make when you get it right all the sweeter.

We all have big changes


We have all loved someone who we have wronged.  We have lied to, cheated on and otherwise not treated we. I hope your as proud as I’m.  My best friend and I have done this to each other more times than we can count.  We will go different ways at the end of August.  She has found someone who makes her happy that I so failed at. I will try to find some one that will help me make my self happy.  We have talked and after all the talking and healing we have done we both know we would try again.  Now if the Gods / Goddesses have this in their plans but one can hope.  We all need a second chance the issue is do you deserve it? Have you tried to fix your self or the issue? If you have then be ready to gear up the door may open. If it never opens then you have a regret and you can let that over take the good the changes have been for you. It’s truly not a regret its a second chance at happiness.