Show respect to all people, but grovel to none.

I do not kneel to grovel. I do not kneel to pray. I do not kneel because a person should not grovel for anything.  There are things that we need to help each other with.  We need to help others to their feet.  We need to by an extra burger for some one that can’t afford the one dollar.  We need to give a shoulder to those that need it.  Most of all we need to show respect to all.  We for get this with the people who are in our lives.  I am guilty of this many times, one woman cut me down at the knees, she is a strong British woman who has a power seldom seen.  I was stupid and I forgot that lesson and well I did not show respect to my ex as often as I should have. strike 2.  Both woman are strong and have a deep power that few will ever take the time to see.  So in front of the world I say ” I’m sorry my Ice Queen for the lack of respect I have shown” .  People ask me why I take the time to write these…..  I do it so if one person can learn from my mistake and save their relationship, I have made a contribution to their happiness.

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