“Show me a hero and I’ll prove he’s a bum

 “Show me a hero and I’ll prove he’s a bum” – Major Greg (Pappy) Boyington USMC air wing 214

The person that appears to be a knight in shining armor, person that seems to be your soul mate may not be, funny that.  We all have that side we tend  to hide. The deep dark if you will.  That is one thing my ex could deal with. She could deal with the demons and the horrors  in my head.  My past is not the bright shining portrait that Norman Rockwell would paint.  It’s the place that is filled will Post traumatic stress disorder, server’s guilt and depression yes a mental shop of horrors.  This she could deal with. She could not how ever deal with other issues that if I had stopped and taken a second I should have seen. Does this mean she was the hero, no, she was a workaholic, selfish and forgot I was there. This is not a bash session, its a post on we all have a Jekyll / Hyde, an angel / demon.  Don’t fall in love with only half a person because sooner or later the door will open and out will pop someone new. At this point you had better be ready to step up or step aside.