I have Depression


I have Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Survivors Guilt.  Yes I would send any Psychologist into a giddy dance of joy.  I may forget to show you how much I love you.  I may forget to touch you in that special way.  We may not have play time for weeks.  We may fight for no reason. I’m the one that will try a couple of times but if you don’t try also I will stop because the pain gets worse.  I need you to know what I have. I need you to remember us, I sometimes can’t.  I need you to remember when I say I’m lonely, for this is my only cry for help.  When I finally let you in it’s because you have earned it.  You have shown that you can deal with it.  The issues come when you decided you don’t want to and its to hard and it is a daily fight.   I don’t like being alone but its my lot in life,  I want to be with some one that loves me.  If you can’t be that person why did you say you could be…..