I’m a former Marine


I’m a former Marine, Not an EX Marine, the term once a marine always a Marine holds true.  The main job of a Marine is to fight for those that can’t fight for them selves.  I have done this on 3x after my time was done.  I’m  2/ 0 / 1. Two saved, none lost and one fought to a tie.  When do I fight for my self. there I’m 0 for 50.  2 people are always picking me up. I never say thank you, this is wrong of me. It’s who I am I will work on that.  My best friend changed places in my life going from girlfriend to best friend, most can’t deal with this. Most are not Marines!  As I sat on the couch a voice in my head whispers you will be ok.  Was is one of my God/Goddess telling me its time to live again. Me finally hearing the 2 most important people in my life. What ever it is I heard, from above or from this realm its time to check my sea bag grab my weapons and get ready for the next war the next person that needs me to help them.  I’m a Marine, I’m a Dragon and I’m going to be ok. Will my best friend retake the spot of the being my Girlfriend Fuck if I know I can hope but for now I await my packet and the next duty station.