Gothic Vampire / my Ice Queen

Raina 4

I may have an IQ of 180 ( tested by the state Of Mass). I can figure out TV shows and movies 1/3 of the way through them.  If I was really smart I would have set down with my former girlfriend on 4 separate occasions.  I would have talked to her about an issue that was bugging me.  When she was drowning in work and I was feeling forgotten I should have bought a rose and talked to her.  When my depression was bad and I was needing help I should have shown her long before what she needed to do to help me recover.  I miss the smile she use to give me. I miss the sparkle in her eyes when I called her ”   My Ice Queen”.  Her touch sent shivers down my arm still does.  I gave my self to her LATE but she has my soul ( little damaged and abused ) and she will protect my heart.  If Goddess Diana, Goddess Selena or Thor the God of thunder finds it in their grace to give me a 2nd opportunity I would be in their debt. With pride I would show the world that my Ice Queen has decided to grace my life with her grace once again. I will always strive to be worthy of that honor as for now… .. .. I will find a new path and hope the God’s / Goddess’s find it to there liking and will grace my life once more with the smile of my Gothic Vampire Raina aka Rebecca my Ice Queen


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