There is a very old joke

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There is a very old joke that is rehashed over and over it’s retold.  It’s about a man on a roof in a flood. He looks to the Heavens and says “Oh lord save me…”  a while later a tree limb floats by the man looking to the sky pays it no head . . .  The 2nd day the man hungry, thirsting and existed  again repeats him self “Oh lord I ask again please save me…”  a while later a horse swims by again the man pays it no mind. . . . On the 3rd day the man, weak hungry sunburned and thirsty and tied he repeats once again asks “Oh lord please help me and don’t for sake me..”   a while later a boat floats by again the man paid it no heed.  The man dies and goes to heaven at the gates he meets the gate keep all pissed off. . .  He asks ” where is this God of mine. .  I prayed to and he forsaken me?…”   A loud boom and his God appears and says ” I SENT A TREE LIMB, A HORSE, AND A BOAT. YOU DID NOT MAKE AN EFFORT TO TAKE ANY OF THE HELP I SENT…..”

Why did I type out that.  You can believe in A single God.  You can believe in many Gods and Goddesses. believe in Fate, Karma or even Predestined out comes.  We all ask for things, we all expect things.  My best friend and I believed in forever when we dated.  That has not come to pass.  She has found her joy and I will  go and find mine.  The moral is this When you ask you will receive something.  I asked for the love of my life I found it and did not see it.  The rub is this when you ask be ready to receive.  You don’t always get a second chance at it.  Life will beat you to your knee’s and has NO issue doing it.  It will also send you what you need, whether it’s for that moment, that year, that 5 years that life. You will get something when you ask, YOUR outlook will determine the good or the bad of the gift…


What is love?.

Love is

What is love?.  In food Chocolate has the same chemicals as love. Psychologist say it’s a deep emotional connection.  A child says its his blanket and stuffy.  We all have a different view.  Some don’t really understand it till its gone.  They see the Shine in the eyes have gone.   There arms hurt from the hole that is left when they hug air. They miss the touch, the contact.

It’s not always the Sex.  BUT if your forget that part of it then love will also fade.  A broken heart can be shown or hidden.  Some hide it because they hope it will get better.  Some keep score cards even when the score is wrong.

What is love.  It’s the hurt you feel when you open your eyes and that one person is not there with their hair all over the place the dried drool on the cheek and the ” 5 more mins, I showered last night.”  That’s when you know it was love, but you did not see it and grab on with both hands.

When she says “do you love me?” you say ” yes My dear I do..”  when she says ” Would  you to  scream it to the world?…” you say “yes my Love ”   She smiles and Says ” how will you tell the world? ”  you move in close and whisper in her ear “I love you”     When she moves back with the look of confusion. Just reminder her SHE IS YOUR WORLD…..

A year ago today the laughing stopped.


A year ago today the laughing stopped. As a man who made the world smile made the world stop and look. Many of us have the voices in our heads. The horrible nasty ones telling us why we should just give up. . . . I want the “;” tattoo so I can show that I understand the fight..Robin Williams hid his demons for years and had a mask of happiness. Then one day the clown Laughed no more and the tears came. If you see us a smile helps a hug a fist bump just a sign that we matter. . . A small act can change the world. I met Christopher Titus. I thanked him for love is evol. I said it makes the voices go away. He looked me in the eye smiled and said I’m stinger than the voices. I still hold that in my head.