The Echoes of the Past

in the eyes of the beholder

I have few I call real friends. I have little use for the causal friend there like a TV show that gets moved around and forgotten about over time.  I have 5.5 I call real friends the .5 Is Robert we talk when there is a need of a different view so I guess it’s really is 6 because he is always there. So the final answer is 6.

This weekend was a hard one for me, my best friend former girl friend (will always be the love of my life) went to a wedding and said she would send a picture that never came she did however post a picture of the hall and send me a good night.

Now most of you will say that was wrong as I did in the beginning I was crushed.  Then I stepped back. I stood on my desk ( Dead poets Reference see the movie).  See My best friend is photographer not a pro but she has an eye.  She see beauty in life and things. like a classic ball room at night where the echoes of the past still gather and the smoke-filled room of yester year is still ringing through out.   That is my Raina that the woman that will forever be dear to me.  She loves another this is true and I’m glad she smiles again.  I know we are close and will always cherish this.  See men see sexy see beautiful in people not in things.  Woman see it in the things and actions this is where we men need help.  Most woman fall in love with what they read and hear not with the physical form. They love the kind the giving. Yes some will go after the men they say they can change, never really works out. If some one does not want to change they wont.

I learned that night that if I really, really want a 2nd chance I need to remember. Love the person not only the physical. Love the ” good night my Dragon” not the pixels.  Love the child like wonder, the soft the person that she is.  Not the memories of your past.  how does the saying go


I thank you Rebecca for the lesson on this.  Just know you have touched one life and a great way.