A poetic view


I have been told I paint people sometimes to be the worst people in the world.  I talk about what they have said or done. I take no poetic license.  None of my writings come with a warning “based on a true story” IE: a beautiful mind.  I have had the worst things said to me by people who love me.  So today I’m taking my blog and telling the world in a Poetic license about some of my friends:

The first is a British woman: She has the strength  not often seen.  She can be harsh, unyielding and out spoken. She is also kind and motherly she found me living in a garage and had me move in to her home and started my healing process.  She taught me a love of cooking, and how to bake cakes so she could put artwork on them.  Is never misses a morning sweetie.  She is always here with a hand up. She is now and will always Be…. Well that’s for me to call her not the world to know.

The Ranger : He speaks little and talks less.  He saw every thing has no open emotions and could stare down snake.  that’s what the world see’s what I see is a man in pain a man who misses his one true love.  He looks but done not find. He observes but does not see.  He has brains but uses them for his own means never to help out the unworthy.  I have seen him smile as the world crumbles and get misty over the a memory.  He will befriend someone who thinks they are the reason for someone’s misery. All he said was that is why pencils have  erasers.

Last but by no means least:  The Vampire Queen of the Ice castle.  She can walk by a person that is close to a deep depression and not say a word. Not offer a hand up or a hug.   That’s what is projected.  What is she like on the inside. She is a lost little girl. Soft and damaged. She has issues of trust and a heart that wants to love but she is a bad judge of people (my self included) She knelt down and lifted me up. She changed her life for the Dragon that is me. She change her life for me and in that moment she changed my life.  She taught me to be kind to be willing to talk to be open to the right person.  We are not together at this time but is many ways we are. We talk we text and that’s all one can ask for.  The path we had headed down was one of total carnage.  We both knew we had to end it was not the time for us. In the future who knows we are not there.  The kindest thing she ever said to me ” You gave me my life back, and now its time for me to give you back yours”  the Harshest thing was ” when we started  my world was you. then you Shattered my heart 3 times” She is now and always will be the love of my life. She can be harsh uncaring and can cut your heart out and watch you die.She can be the kindest and most giving woman. It’s because of me that the woman can be cold and calculating for that I’m sorry but she needed that side to survive with the heart that she has.  If I ever have the honor to be her world again I wont let her ever question what my motives are or if I love her.


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