Ashes to ashes


Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one – Martin Heidegger

Its September 27th 2015 – Its my sad obligation to tell the world of a death that the world never knew about.   As the lines above state we are all born as many men.  What we do in that life is the path that makes us who and what we are.  Today at 8:30 eastern time a Super blood moon will rise and it will have an eclipse.  This marks a change in a great many things. It also means that the path to who we were will be locked away and never more be able to be traveled.  We can go to the gate and look back but never again feel that kiss, that hug, that touch.  Yes that is like most days but this is different.  I’m content in my death.  For you see it is me that shale die.  I leave behind so many things.

  1. Airister my dog, my buddy, my love, and my joy. My redemption.
  2. My Raina she is the reason I breath, she can cut me and make me bleed and cure a broken heart with a touch
  3. My British guide – She taught me to be human. That there are many things in this life you wont like every thing but you have to accept them.
  4. The Paladin – he taught me honor and the need to seek forgiveness.
  5. The dog of war – He will change the world one day at a time.
  6. The Elf – she hates me calling her that
  7. The Minx – She builds to keep the world out so you can heal.
  8. and by no means least The mountain Ranger – Who like me will die this day.  He always had a sleeping roll and hot food.  I place to drink and a place to scream at the wind.

There is a passage in a book about the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden ” What it means to be an elf  – every 100 years an elf’s life changes”  For humans it’s every 10 years the people we know and the places we go all change.  Well its the time for the person I was dies. The person I need to become is born.   There is a woman out I have hurt and can never make amends too. I will die with that left unresolved that is my cross to bear.  What is born on the 28th will be a person with hopes and dreams.  A want to work, a want to love the Vampire that was so hurt before if there is a chance the paths will cross in a way that will allow this.  So I sit and type out my own epitaph in a manner a way to say good-bye, to tell people how I feel.  Dragon’s can sleep for years On the 28th its time to shake the sleep away, and to once more feel the heat of the sun. The kiss of a beautiful woman.  The smell of a fall day.  These are things I look forward to.  So this is good Bye I will go softly in to that good night.  For I now the 28th I will wake anew.  Ready to make The Vampire and the Brit proud.


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