How can love be so fleeting?

this side

 How can love be so fleeting?
I gave my heart from me to thee.
I loved & wanted nothing but thee.
My heart was strong & yearned for thee,
But now I know it was a game to all but me.
A Love that was once so special and so dear.
Is Now Nothing but Heart rendering Pain and Fear.
 The Fear turns hurt and a pain that is unbearable.
How can this hurt & pain seam so unending, so terrible?
 The Gods did curse me:
They Bestowed On to me a Horror and sorrow.
Our fairy tale love once so great and so true,
Screams and dies with every memory of you.
My chest before was so full of love and Happiness,
It’s empty and dark A forgotten Fortress.
My Blood now runs cold; my soul a blackened shell.
 Still I look for a sign; one last glimmer of hope:
That will finally end this unending remorse and guilt.
 But alas this book has ended;
Our Love has died;
We are no longer together
 My Blackened heart yours now & forever a parting Gift for you to cherish and always remember.
 A black rose and a dagger your tools that dismembered.
But please always remember, It was you that gave up I never surrendered.

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