Ashes to Ashes. Dust to dust.

Single one
Ashes to Ashes.
Dust to dust.
I want to die. why in a rush?
A woman is why.
It is what it is.
Not my time but I wish it was.
6 years ago As I have stated before I met a woman that would change my world.  She did.  She blew up her world to make me part of it.  Lack of conversations killed it.  With a little miss trust because we never talked about issues.  She wanted some one to make her his world.  I did not.  But in 13 hours and 15 mins. she will be some one else’s wife.  I beat my self for being stupid.  It was not all my fault. It was not all her fault.  If we would have talked.  It should be me marrying her.  But I did not do the work to get my divorce, fix my student loans, fix my tax issues,  got my license.  So here we are.  I’m proud I got her away from the abuser she was with.   I’m glad she is happy.  I’m glad she is still my friend.  I’m crushed and in my cave as time ticks by like water torture, one drip / one tick.  I slowly go insane as I miss my friend.  The way she felt as I hugged her.  The touch of her hand as I was sad or in pain. I miss her voice as the flash backs started.  I miss it so much then why did I not kiss her in the morning for a year.  or hug her?  Grab her butt.  Make her feel as sexy as she is. So here we are 13 hours a way.  With a sad wave the Dragon watches the vampire morphs into an angel. I freed her from the troll she was with.  God/dess watch over you.  I will always be here as your friend.  What life has in store for me. No idea.  For her again no idea.  Will are paths cross again with both of us free.   3rd times a charm I have no idea.  I will be here in what ever form she needs from me.

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