About says it all


noun  de·pres·sion  \di-ˈpre-shən, dē-\

Simple Definition of depression

  • : a state of feeling sad
  • : a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way
I have depression, I have said that many times.  It can give you a feeling of being unwanted, broken, useless and well unloved.  I had a girl friend that said ” I saw you where depressed, so I gave you your space and figured you would come to me when you needed any thing.”  Cool thanks because I already feel unwanted and you keeping your distances really helps that being wanted feeling.  When you have to chase someone for time this does not help either.  ” Well I know your hurting so I figured that I would not ask to see if you wanted to go with me..”  Thanks that helps the useless unloved and Unwanted feelings.  (High Five)  having depression is like being the fat kid you never get asked to do any thing because people don’t want to make you feel worse.  No no don’t ask because being left out forgotten and other wise ignored helps people with depression.  I was told by my best friend I did not hug them for a year or kiss them.  I’m sorry that happened  I have one question did you just ask me for one?  Did you just say Damn it I want a hug not for you but for me.  I did not ask you to play because I know playing this game hurts.  How about you ask and maybe just maybe help me get over that hurt.  I know I’m asking a lot of someone WITHOUT depression to make the first step to HELP some one WITH  depression.  Your right don’t ask, don’t make that first move, don’t see if you can help.   ALSO don’t ask when they kill them selves, hurt them selves, or become more self destructive I wonder what could I have done.  No No let them drown don’t sit with them don’t hold their hand.  Make them make the first move that works out so well.  OH, seen the news paper lately that Quiet man,  shy student had an accident I wonder what happened…….

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