The Little things…….

When you break up with someone most times its large events or the lost of intimacy,  Trust or even friend ship.  Most times what causes this is the little things the missed morning kisses hugs.  The not wanting to here about their day.  Not wanting to here about their past.  so what you lose is not just the past and the present.  the worst is when you lose all the future the wonder in their eyes when they see things they enjoy.  Like architecture and photography.  You miss the wonder in their eyes as they see things.  So when someone says don’t sweat the little things Fuck them Sweat the little things the holding of hands the morning Kisses hugs the moment on how was your day and every now and then look at them and their eyes and marvel at the dance they do the sparkle they have and always  Look for the joy in their eyes when they see you.  I forgot to do this I did every thing wrong on my side I did not listen help encourage give morning hugs or kisses.  I did not ask about their day.  Now I’m starting a carrier on playing cards and reading people I’m pretty good at it.  If I’m so fucking good at it how did I not read her.  because we all get complacent and for get the important things in our lives.  Its like when someone dies we all have regrets.  That regret is we never take time to show them we love them.  We enjoy them.  We like having them around in assents we love them.  I have made peace with what I have done that does not mean I have forgotten what I have done.  Again when someone says don’t sweat the small stuff . FUCK THEM sweat the small stuff don’t miss a morning hug or a Kiss.   Its really hard I write this because she reads this and may follow what I’m saying.  I wish her happiness even at the cost of mine…

A year and a Day



In a year your life can be blow up rebuild and crushed again. People will say yes when they have given up. People won’t tell you there ill’s because they don’t want to add to your issues and some will welling mean Still forget you and not help when what you really need is there help. In getting over issues. It’s gray raining and my migraine is a 12. I’m pining for  the past. I have a budding poker carrier knocking at my door and I won’t answer the door. Sometimes you hope for that friend help but they will just stand and watch. Learning to fly with a broken wing and the fear I should be careful of what I wish for I just may get it….

I’ve run about as far as I care to.

Aereon: In normal times, evil would be fought with good. But in times like these, well, it should be fought by another kind of evil. Chronicles of Riddick…
6 years a go that passage came to pass for me in real life I was sent to free someone from a bad situation.  I was the other evil which is fine i know it under stand it and except it.  I’m very self aware.  A troll Had captured a vampire and was not letting her go.   The Dragon Of shadows Saved the Vampire and help send the troll away.  Over time the Vampire changed into an angel.  It was time to move on for a Bit.
Life Some times Hurts it will beat you to your knees and make you wish you where dead. It also makes you stronger.
I’ve run about as far as I care to.
Today was a good day.
A good day.
13th Warrior