It was a warm Saturday. Sun was shining I made coffee looked around grabbed my backpack and we headed for the car. Hugged the kids. walked to the car I was going to dive for the first part. I opened the car door and I looked up at two sad puppy faces I would not see again. closed the door and started the drive from New Jersey to an Armory in Mass. Was not shipping out per say, was a hand off of sorts. It was THAT day the day on the calendar one picked by me 5 months to get ready but you never are. We drove in silence for most of the ride not because of hatred but because of pain. It was the last ride. The death of lovers ride. The ride you think never happens but it does. We switch 2 hours in to the ride. I pound a Nos she gets a coke. ” need any thing else?” “nope I’m good not really hungry…” back in the car. Salience. slight chit chat promises of I will check up on you tell him I will email. I smile say I will but it wont happen. People get busy life happens the sands of time flow and trails get lost. I start a fight over some useless over talked menusha that was beaten to death. ” NOW, NOW you start really fuck are you doing…” Ya what was I doing a scared animal in a cage going to be left off not knowing what was going to happen. back to silence a tear here and there 5 year and a hand full of months the last 5 an exercise in pain and healing regret and remorse. Seeing all the wrong turns all the misses I love you, Missed thankyou’s . At a red light I look over she looks ahead eyes red. She is in love with someone else the Message pops up on the calendar love of my life shows up in 2 days. silence again. We turn in to the Amory. There with a smile I know I have see through out time with a look in his eyes that says again we ride. the car is unpacked and placed in a Jeep. Trunk closed, jeep closed. “you two need a Min” yes 6 years to be summed up in a short walk. Under a tree on a beautiful Saturday after noon. A good bye 5 months in the making. Walk to the car. A hug, a closed door, window open A kiss on the palm a good bye. A pull out and she starts to drive a way as she turns the corner, she stops. No she has not changed her mind it was a Slowdown a stop to show she hurt like I did and was sad also. Jeeps doors close.
A long road ahead.