The April showers


What is time.  Its a unit of measurement that humans made up so that every thing did / does not all happen at one moment.  Meaning there would be no war of 1812 because there would be no Years, Months, Weeks, Day, hours or even seconds.  There would just be the “now” and every thing happens “now”, when is now? It cant be then.  Because now is now well now and then would never be.  The poem Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is the mystery. Today is the present that is why its a gift.  April is a month that I will dread for there are fixed moments in time.  April 17th the day when people stated there want to be with each other even if one was already with some one. April 19th and the windows where open. Last but not least April 22.  Because forever and always never to be left behind magically changed to I can’t because I don’t love you any more.  Truth be told I did not love me any more either. So here we are she happy and full of love and joy.  I’m bitter alone healing and finding my way in the world.  I’m cold and alone she says she could be alone but has not for a very long time.  I start a poker career Saturday. Win or lose once more in to the breach I dive.  Live with very little net.  She is find a warm hug, a glass of wine and wet doggie kisses.  I will find loneliness, fear and uncertainty.  Once is an accident. When it happens twice its a pattern.  My Vampire her Dragon.  One knows not what happens at this weeks end  it suffices that the week will end and the end be known.  LY My Vampire.


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