Lexi                                      Lexi                                    Kali Noir Diamond

Mirror, Mirror,  It tells all.  What do I mean.  it tells you, that you need a shave. It tells you to wash. It tells you that your lying to your self.  What do I mean.  We look in the mirror every day.  As I said shave, brush teeth, wash your face or to have a long talk with your self.  Are you who you want to be or who your told to be?

I will give you a minute on that one. ( jeopardy theme).  Ok min is over.  I have been the good son.  After my dad died I helped my mom with bills.  Helped many people with their lives.  Have a son that gave me 2 grand kids.

Issue is all that is not me.  I lost my self for so long in making sure people got to school.  Found their feet.  Find new jobs.  Leave bad relationships.  I’m 49 and I never helped me find me.  I blew up a marriage, a 5 year relationship.  Because I was not me.  Yes I play cards and I may get a tattoo saying ” I’m a Poker Degenerate”.  Fuck it if the world is going to label me screw it.  Wear it like a Hawthorn novel.  If you miss the reference google it.

I know I can play cards.  I’m good.  I’m an old man in a young mans game. Will I make millions, I don’t need to.  I need to make enough to be happy.  What is happy.  For some its a new husband, that a friend helped free you for.  Its a house in a new state where life is slower.  For some its a 2 room apt. that’s all His.

We all need to find it.  I touched it,  Oct 1st 2016.  I have touched it before a birthday in 2010.  A beautiful girl on my lap, with a smile and a silly hat.  The day my son graduated from high school. ( him giving the finger to the administration not a bell ringer but hey his day)  I touched it again that day in October.

A Facebook model Lexi J Hamann ( look her up ).  Had to post a disclaimer because some ass had to rain on her day.  LOOK its your life no one can live it for you.  Your are not getting extra time because you stayed with the crazy bytch or the self-righteous asshole.  Death does not say “oh well your time is up but here a coupon for 5 years and a free happy meal.”

People its time to find you and yes the Hottie that is on this blog is Facebook model Lexi J Hamann.   She is a great person.  I have a few female models I call friends.  Some are well known, Gothic model Kali Noir Diamond.  Some are Facebook. Some are just starting out.  You know what they all had in common?  They said Screw it I want to be happy.

There comes a time you need to run away from home. Nothing grows in the comfort zone.  That’s a lie, there is something.  its called regret and you wont get a Do over. /


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