Ever have a Feeling you just can’t let go……


I need a new part with new lines
Anything if it’s good for your head
You can donate your heart to science
But it won’t bring you back from the dead
I got a feeling that I can’t let go
Can’t Let Go – by – Caught A Ghost
Why is Good Bye so hard to say. Most people say it every day. Some of us see it as a permanent end to something. Its said at graves. Its said at hospital beds. It’s even said sometimes when you know its a one way trip in a helo.
to return to Rome in chains. My mind is too great for that. But today, the work that March 15th began must end, and I don’t know if we’ll meet again. Therefore, accept my everlasting farewell. Forever and forever, farewell, Cassius! If we meet again, then we’ll smile. If not, then this parting was well done.
Forever and forever, farewell, Brutus! If we meet again, then we’ll smile indeed. If not, it’s true, this parting was well done.
Well, lead on. Oh, I wish I could know what will happen today before it happens! But it’s enough to know that the day will end, and then the end will be known. Come! Let’s go!
that’s the modern version But it means the same. Good Bye, we will not cross again. BUT even if they did they would not be the same. See some times when you say Good Bye, it’s some times to a time period in your life.
I called my former girlfriend and said goodbye. We talked for a few minutes. we said we loved each other and yes it was time for goodbye. She once made me a vow she kept. It hurt her and in truth was hurting me but she kept it. She promised even though we where not dating she would not leave me we could talk. She kept that vow even to both of our detriments. She said you (I) would have to be the one to leave. So I said Good Bye. You can’t live in the now tied to the past. Demons find a way to use this against you.
Will we talk again who knows. IF we do it will not be as former lovers it will be as friends so in a way this Good Bye was to a time in my life. She is a great person. We are meant for different lives. It was never going to be for a long time but it was a good time. As the fog of anger lifts and the winds of time blow off the clouds of hate. It shows the day we changed clothes in a parking lot after getting soaked. Her putting her foot in fresh paint. The day we got our fur baby. All the concerts. How I would dedicate Blink-182 rock show to her to see that irritated smile. Those are good memories I had forgotten until I said Good Bye. The day will end and then the end be known. So now we start to heal and to move forward. It’s ok to look back but you can never GO back.
She is happy and I now have the same chance. As I got off of a Dental table after a 2 hour session. After all my teeth had been drilled, with the infections and rot removed. I felt like it was the first day in this body. because in a way it was. I was new I was whole I did not have this poison in and around me anymore. I see life differently I see as Louis Armstrong say a wonderful world. Even on a rainy day like today. Rain washes its cleans and cleanses. So , lead on. …., I wish I could know what will happen today before it happens! But it’s enough to know that the day will end, and then the end will be known. Come! Let’s go!

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