There is a very old joke

ice palace

There is a very old joke that is rehashed over and over it’s retold.  It’s about a man on a roof in a flood. He looks to the Heavens and says “Oh lord save me…”  a while later a tree limb floats by the man looking to the sky pays it no head . . .  The 2nd day the man hungry, thirsting and existed  again repeats him self “Oh lord I ask again please save me…”  a while later a horse swims by again the man pays it no mind. . . . On the 3rd day the man, weak hungry sunburned and thirsty and tied he repeats once again asks “Oh lord please help me and don’t for sake me..”   a while later a boat floats by again the man paid it no heed.  The man dies and goes to heaven at the gates he meets the gate keep all pissed off. . .  He asks ” where is this God of mine. .  I prayed to and he forsaken me?…”   A loud boom and his God appears and says ” I SENT A TREE LIMB, A HORSE, AND A BOAT. YOU DID NOT MAKE AN EFFORT TO TAKE ANY OF THE HELP I SENT…..”

Why did I type out that.  You can believe in A single God.  You can believe in many Gods and Goddesses. believe in Fate, Karma or even Predestined out comes.  We all ask for things, we all expect things.  My best friend and I believed in forever when we dated.  That has not come to pass.  She has found her joy and I will  go and find mine.  The moral is this When you ask you will receive something.  I asked for the love of my life I found it and did not see it.  The rub is this when you ask be ready to receive.  You don’t always get a second chance at it.  Life will beat you to your knee’s and has NO issue doing it.  It will also send you what you need, whether it’s for that moment, that year, that 5 years that life. You will get something when you ask, YOUR outlook will determine the good or the bad of the gift…


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