There’s a thin line between love and hate

Day 35: “There’s a thin line between love and hate. Maybe you’re confusing your emotions.”
― Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

Google gives me this “ Opposite of love is NOT Hate. why, Because in love people have feeling and think about other person. And in Hate it is same with different intentions. Opposite of Love or Hate is Apathy

What intentions? In either case the opposite is the same, apathy. . . I know you don’t care …. We some times find that when we hate someone we really love them.  Playing hard to get is a form of this.  There are feeling in both, you hate things your best friend does, but there still your best friend.  Sometimes we do things to get noticed if we feel we are forgotten.  Sometimes we saying the wrong thing, do the wrong things to piss some one-off on purpose.  You want their attention.  (Something you have not had in a long time.)  passion or lust / protection or jealousy  / love or hate.  They are all the same, just the spelling and the view is different.  In most cases you don’t fight with some one you don’t care about, you fight with some one you think highly of,  in most cases you don’t do things to piss people off because they mean ZERO,  You want them to remember you. . .  I have a friend that we do this to each other.  She is self-centered and I’m hard to live with.  We do and say things because we are both hurting.  We both have love for each other but for over a year we pretty much wanted the other persons attention.  The only way we got it was TO PISS THE OTHER  OFF.  You know what you do/did, you know how you say/said it, or how you mean/meant it….  There is still love there along with hurt.  Stop showing how your hate me. . . .  I know you’re hurting, how about we both stop pissing the other off and we find a Middle ground. . .  Never take someone’s hope away it makes you ugly and selfish. that’s not a good look for anyone


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